Vacuum Casting Machine

Vacuum Casting Machine

Vacuum Casting Machine

We manufacture wide range of Vacuum Casting Machines which are fabricated using high quality materials and which are tested for its quality. We widely supply vacuum casting machines in India to our customers. This casting machine has two tank systems which provide high vacuum pressure. The weight of the machine is 130 kg approx. This machine can be operated easily and easy to handle comfortably without any trouble.

Key Features

14” investment tank 81/2” deep, 4’’ casting tank 8’’ deep

Total weight of machine is 130 kg. approx

1 Kg gold melter for gold melting

250 litre vacuum pump with 5.5 litre oil capacity 780 R.P.M

Transparent acrylic 14’’ dia. Dom 13/4’’ thick on investment chamber

The entire body/housing is manufactured by 304 SS. material

Two tank system to provide high vacuum pressure for lesser porosity casting

Perfect dense casting is offered and is comparable with any foreign make m/c

Casting chamber with flask size 2" to 5" dia. Wide/up to 9" height capacity

100% shock proof metal melting furnace with digital temp. control.

Other Specification

Motor supply 230V AC-1PHTransformer capacity 60AMP Body size 36x25x42. 3 In one Heavy Duty Casting Machine Available customized too( single casting, single invest vacuum )