Rhodium Plating Machine

Rhodium Plating Machine

Rhodium Plating Machine

Our wide range of Rhodium Machine is highly in demand and used by people everywhere for its unique features. These machines are made of better-quality quality raw material and provide high performance. Rhodium plating machine is a standard machine doing plating like silver, gold, and rhodium. They have high capacity and easy to work. We manufacture and supply rhodium machine to our customers at wide range.

Key Features

Our rhodium plating machine is used for the plating of silver, nickel, gold, copper.

It comprises analog and digital volt meters and ammeters.

They are available in different beaker capacities starts from one to five liters.

We provide separate plating bath and rectifier which increases its performance.

Water heating with automatically temperature control system.

Separate digital rectifier with CV / CC in different current / voltage range.

In built auto low water level cut off.


Soluble anodes are consumed during the plating process, replenishing metal that’s plated out of the solution. They prolong the life of the solution, save money, and are more environmental friendly by reducing the amount of spent solution you need to dispose of. Insoluble anodes must be impervious to the solution, so they do not dissolve, and contaminate the plating solution.

Technical Specification

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