Gold Refining - Aqua Regia System

Gold Refining - Aqua Regia System

Gold Refining - Aqua Regia System

WHY TO USE AQUA REGIA REFINING SYSTEM ? Refinery is an indispensable and economic process for all of those companies having a high quality standard of their production as base target. As a matter of facts, running such kind of plant, it is possible to operate a daily refinery, to get back a kind of pure gold perfectly ready for the melting process. It is also well known that gold, melting by melting, loose its mechanical and chemical features. By the fast refining system we offer, the normal alloy is always refreshed with quality carrying malleable features always over the standard. Not less important the advantage to perform the whole refining process inside the factory area without expensive and doubtful refining made outside the company. The advantage coming from the refining process made inside your company is immediately verifiable: reduction of the pure gold stocking; quality improvement (different then that coming from external services company; by this system you will always treat just your own metal, without the possibility of undesired residuals); cut down of the cost (loss of precious metal equal to 0%, low maintenance, no need to have skilled personnel, no taxes, shipment and other fees…); best solution to many production problems (precious metal coming from refinery keeps its characteristic unchanged, offering the warranty for the best features in all the productive phases to get the final items). Internal metal scraps refinery it’s the best investment the modern industry must consider to improve the quality of the final products, arrange the best the precious metals management and cut down the production costs.

Key Features

New Addon Key Features: Flush bottom valve to flush out all the raw material. Acid charging vessel for calibration. Teflon Stirrer to avoid breakage. Cylindrical Flask for better dissolution Process. New automated head lamp for running and stop indication.

Control Panel Equipped with: Auto/Manual Facilities Automatic Ratio Calculation Auto Acid Charging System Auto Scrubbing System Auto Precipitation Auto Transfer system Auto Temperature control Emergency Stop Push button Agitator monitoring and control for: RPM , Frequency, Amperes, Increment and decrements of RPM. Providing extra control over the dissolution process.

Batch Setting and Status Features: Batch Date Batch Start Time Batch Number Batch Sequence Status Sequence messages Batch quantity setup Batch Start Stop

Semi & Fully Automatic Refining Plants

Our Gold refining systems are ideal for old gold jewellery buyers, bullion suppliers, gold smithies, jewellery casting, chain manufacturing factories, job-work refineries etc, as they come in various capacities, to suit small or larger refining needs of the jewellery trade.

Technical Specification

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