Burnout Furnace

Burnout Furnace

Burnout Furnace

We supply burnout furnace in the market and widely used by the customers at high range. These furnaces are made using latest technology and highly cherished by the clients. These furnaces are known for its unique features like strong body construction and excellent performance. They are free from rust, easy to handle and takes low maintenance. these furnaces are easy in moving from one place to another.

Key Features

Burnout Furnace size = a) Inner 13’’x17’’x10’’ b) Outer 17’’x21’’x18’’

Flask capacity: 3’’x7’’= 12 flask nos, High- temp insulating brick used. F1+4 brick with Sodium Silicate.

Outer body totally made from S.S. 304 quality, Optical fibre 4 mm thick wires are used.

16 SWG canthal A+ wire used for heating element, Wattage 3KWx2=6KW.

Operating voltage, 230v/ single phase / 50Hz 440v/3phase /50Hz

All materials carry full warranty except heating element.

S.S.or M.S.body are provided with heavy insulation to prevent any heat loss.

Microprocessor programmer with delay starting mode.

18 steps for high & low temp. with hold time facility and memory back up.

Heating element are secured in grooves inside chamber & can easily be replaced.

Technical Specification

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