Disc Finishing Machine

Disc Finishing Machine

Disc Finishing Machine

Disc Finishers are 15 to 20 times powerful than Vibration Machines Due to use of powerful centrifugal force the processing is very fast. Disc Finishers are reliable for consistent high precision surface finishing. The major advantage of machine lies in its ability of end to end automation. Disc Finishers can be integrated with Media Loader, Parts Loader, Dosing System for Water and Finishing Compounds, Part Media Separation ( size or magnetic ), Post Treatment of Parts (drying, washing, oiling etc ), and Media Return. All these controlled by a PLC. Due to such integration it is capable of giving very high throughput with minimum man power. These systems are suited for medium to small parts provided in bulk quantum. Flawless Design Disc Finishers are manufactured indigenously. The flawless design of gap control make its performance unmatched to any cheaper imported machine. Enjoy life-long spares and service availability.

Key Features

Gap setting with rotation of the tumbler for a 0.035 mm setting.

Maximum velocity of rotation 450 rpm which is the highest in the Industry.

Complete polyurethane tumbler with outer of metal body to protect PU.

Long lasting steel ring instead of the conventional ceramic.

Feather touch keyboard for fast data entry.

Very easy to operate Speed, processing time, water/compound concentration, rinse cycles and all other main processes parameters can easily be set by means of the user-friendly control panel.

Absolutely reliable The use of only top-quality materials and components throughout ensures trouble-free operation and a long service life.

Extremely cost-effective Comparatively low capital investment and a high potential for cost savings make the ODF series excellent value for money.

Perfect results Deburring, smoothing, grinding and polishing – the entire range of applications with just one machine.

Unique zero gap system For the wet finishing of very fine work pieces. The gap between the rotating disc and the stationary drum can be reduced to zero. This enables very fine grain abrasive media such as quartz to be used and prevents any work pieces from becoming lodged in the gap.

Deburring and Polishing Media

Plastic Media, Ceramic Media, Porcelain Media, Zircon Media, Wull nut Media, steel balls and pins.

Technical Specification

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