CAD-CAM Machine

CAD-CAM Machine

CAD-CAM Machine

Ultra-Cam 3D printers are primarily used to produce "wax-like" patterns for lost-wax casting/investment casting and mould making applications.The 3D printers receive digital input from three - dimensional data files(STL) and create solid, three - dimensional parts through DLP process. The patterns produced are extremely smooth, high resolution with vibrant details and outstanding surface finish. This is the best machine for production of customized jewellery with its unbeatable price, development speed and output quality with directly castalbe resin.

Key Features

Excellent Surface Smoothness, Very Fast output speed.

Common resin for direct casting as well as mold making.

Highest efficiency and productivity, Extremely low running cost.

Very Good dimensional accuracy, Highly precise output.

User friendly software to control the machine.

Very low maintenance cost.

Best model to suit for jewelry requirement.

No tedious support generation system.


Native pixel - 30 microns, Minimum Z resolution - 10 microns, Lamp life - 5000hours, Built in platform - 90 X 50.6 X 120 mm, Output speed - 40mm/hour, Tolerance - 1%.