Bottom Pouring Casting Machine

Bottom Pouring Casting Machine

Bottom Pouring Casting Machine

Motor supply 230V AC-1PH
Transformer capacity 60AMP
Body Size(inches) – 30 (L) x 27 (B)x 36 (H)
working size for casting OD -4.25 * 9 H.

Key Features

Outer body stainless steel, 14 inch investment tank has 8 inch depth. ( working size –Outer dimension -12.5 x Height – 10.

5 inch casting tank is of 10 inch depth, • 1kg gold melter for gold melting.

Casting chamber down to melter with bottom pouring facility.

325 ltrs vacuum pump with 6.5ltr oil capacity, 1440RPM.

Transparent acrylic 14 inch dia, Total weight of machine is 130kg approx.

Two tank system to generate high vacuum pressure for minimum porosity casting.

Excellent dense casting is provided and is comparable with any foreign make machine.

Casting chamber with flask size 2 inch to 4 inch dia.

Casting Jewelry Tree

Technical Specification

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